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Shop zoning

November 1st, 2010 / By: / Resources

My company will be moving our awning shop to a new location. How should I zone my shop?

The answer to your question is going to depend on two things: (1) what kind of work is done in your shop, and (2) what your city has to say about it. First, consider whether you manufacture at your location. If so, you’d probably want to stay away from retailing zoning, as the noises and fumes that can accompany manufacturing often aren’t welcome in a retail area. If you’re manufacturing, likely a light industrial zone is the most appropriate. If, however, your shop mostly sells and installs awnings, a retail zone would probably be the most beneficial, because it would have more foot traffic for your shop. You’d probably want to stay away from the heavy industrial zones, as they may not have the ready traffic access that your customers need. In any case, be sure to check with your city zoning office, as they may already have guidelines for shops like yours. We’d like to thank the members of the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association for their advice on this question.

Juli Case is IFAI‘s information and technical services manager.

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