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A ‘concrete overcoat’ with geosynthetics

January 1st, 2011 / By: / Geosynthetics, Projects

In September 2009, building contractors floated two 660-ton pipelines onto the Ruhr River at Essen-Horst, Germany, and let them sink to the bottom, continuing a huge infrastructure project to bring wastewater across the river to a treatment plant and transport clean drinking water back. To protect the pipelines and stabilize them on the riverbed, HUESKER Synthetic, Gescher, Germany, developed geosynthetic jackets filled with concrete, a casing that will prevent pipeline damage from hydraulic uplift (lifting force of water).

The HUESKER geosynthetic, Incomat® Standard 20.120, was designed and produced specifically for the project, with woven fabric reinforced by synthetic bands the entire 300-foot length, and diagonal bands around the pipe to ensure an even, curved finish. After padding the pipelines with a nonwoven geotextile to prevent friction electricity, the jacket was installed and filled with concrete. The water supply project is the first application in Germany of this “concrete overcoat” pipeline protection strategy.

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