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Tri Vantage® introduces Coverlight® CSM Coated Nylon

July 25th, 2011 / By: / New Products

Tri Vantage®, the nation’s largest distributor serving the awning, marine and furniture markets, has introduced Coverlight® CSM Coated Nylon from Trelleborg Coated Systems U.S. Inc. This product is designed for industrial applications that require resistance to abrasion and extremes in temperature, and is capable of retaining its integrity down to negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Covers made of this versatile fabric are perfect for protecting industrial plant equipment, lifeboats, steam fumigation equipment and other extreme situations,” said Drew Nelson, awning and industrial products manager for Tri Vantage. “It is also superior to vinyl or neoprene for resistance to oxidizing agents.”

CSM Coated Nylon, which also resists aging, ozone and ultraviolet light degradation, is available in three weights and a variety of colors: 16-ounce per square yard (green, red, yellow, white and textured black), 22-ounce per square yard (red) and 35-ounce per square yard (textured black). The 16- and 22-ounce weights come on 100-yard rolls, while the 35-ounce weight comes in 50-yard rolls.

Fabricators can apply adhesive cement to CSM (chlorinated polyethylene) Coated Nylon’s buff-free surface and put the material together, eliminating the need for setup, buffing and dusting. It can also be sewn, or cemented to create airtight and watertight seams.

Source: Tri Vantage®

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