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Forsstrom iQ used to analyse and optimize HF welding production

February 15th, 2012 / By: / New Products

Forsstrom iQ used to analyse and optimize HF welding production<br />

In February 2012 Forsstrom launches the new software “iQ Real Time Monitoring System” with the purpose of monitoring and increasing efficiency in high-frequency (HF) welding departments. Forsstrom iQ users are constantly informed about the HF welding department by a graphical user interface. The software also includes powerful reporting tools which help operators and management to identify critical issues and bottlenecks, resulting in optimal usage of production capacities.

“Forsstrom do[es] not just sell machines; for us it is very important that our customers get helpful tools and advice to work more efficiently and to improve their production results,” said Mikael Wallin, vice president, Marketing and Sales.

With Forsstrom’s software iQ, customers can receive online support from Forsstrom service personnel, who can use a production log file from the machine to solve an issue.

Forsstrom HF AB is a Swedish company founded in 1970. The company supplies high- frequency welding equipment with a wide range of accessories and internally developed software. HF welding can produce a variety of end products, such as truck and boat covers, tarps, tents, structures, pool liners, sunshades, billboards, inflatable products, liquid tanks, film screens, waterbeds, stretch ceilings, valve membranes and oil booms.


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