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3M Commercial Graphics announces 2013 Advanced Installer Training session dates

February 20th, 2013 / By: / Graphics

3M Commercial Graphics has announced the 2013 schedule of 3M Advanced Installer Training sessions, which offers graphic professionals the training to take their skills to the next level.

3M Advanced Installation Training

The sessions will include discussion, demonstration and intensive hands-on training. Attendees of the course will work on building and refining skills for vehicle and boat wraps, fleet graphics, floor graphics, windows and smooth and textured walls.

Authorized 3M Graphics Trainers will be conducting the training sessions. All of the training sessions will take place in St. Paul, Minn.

The 2013 3M Advanced Installation Training dates are as follows:

  • March 18-20
  • April 15-17
  • June 10-12
  • July 15-17
  • August 19-21
  • September 16-18
  • October 14-16
  • November 18-20
  • December 9-11

Contact for more information about the installation training.

3M Advanced Installer Training at Lowen Certified

Dependent on skill level, 3M is also offering courses that include two to five days of closely monitored hands-on practice to build and refine skills for: vehicle accessory disassembly, graphic film installation/removal for vehicle and boat wraps, fleet graphics, floor graphics, windows and smooth and textured walls.

Attendees will also receive discounted installation tools and supplies, special discounted graphics pricing and future installation opportunities with Lowen national installation network. A tour of the Lowen Corporation world-class headquarters is also included.

The sessions will take place in Hutchinson, Kans., and will be taught by authorized 3M Graphics Trainers and Lowen certified Graphic Installers.

The 2013 3M Advanced Installer Training dates are as follows:

  • March 4-8
  • March 12-14
  • April 3-5
  • April 8-12
  • April 24-26
  • May 6-10
  • May 14-16
  • May 20-22
  • June 3-7
  • June 11-13
  • June 24-28

Contact Dennis Shea at for more information about the installer training.

3M Advanced Installer Training at independent locations

Taught by 3M Graphics Authorized Trainers, attendees receive training on various applications with course content customized to fit their personal needs. For information about upcoming locations and dates, use the contact information below:

Testing & Accreditation

3M testing and accreditation options are also available to installers. Upon successful completion of one of the 3M testing options, participants will receive authorization to use the 3M designation that goes with it: 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company (in conjunction with the United Application Standards Group), 3M Preferred Graphics Installer or 3M Endorsed Vehicle Graphics Installer, and in some cases, multiple 3M designations. Participants will be able to use this distinction to communicate talent and service to customers, and 3M will promote the participating company’s services on 3M’s websites.

Visit the Graphics Installation Programs webpage to learn more.

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