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Divisions offer student design challenges

August 12th, 2014 / By: / Division News

Three divisions will offer student design challenges for the upcoming academic year: The Advanced Textile Products (ATP) division, the Fabric Graphics Association (FGA) and the Fabric Structures Association (FSA).

Each challenge exposes students to the industrial fabrics industry and encourages them to explore how fabric can be used in their area of study. It also prompts university faculty to stay informed about the evolving design application for fabric in order to effectively influence the number of educated young people entering the workforce and incorporating fabric into their work.

Entries range from medical and safety applications to space-transforming graphics and large-scare structures. The FSA challenge is to design a fabric structure that can be integrated into a resort hotel. Students who enter the FGA challenge will transform a space through noncommercial fabric graphics. ATP will challenge students to design for aerospace, medical, military, safety/protective or other wearable and non-wearable textile technology applications.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for all challenges. Winning teams receive a prize pack valued at $6,000, including a trip to IFAI Expo, where they will give presentations on their winning projects.

More information will be available on each division’s website (;; For immediate questions, contact Brianna Watke at or +1 651 225 6948.