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AATCC announces new L2 lightfastness control fabric

October 9th, 2014 / By: / New Products

Updated lightfastness test methods available immediately.

The Association of Textile, Apparel & Materials Professionals (AATCC) has announced the availability of L2 lightfastness control fabric. The AATCC Blue Wool Lightfastness Standard is “one of a group of dyed wool fabrics distributed by AATCC for use in determining the amount of light exposure of specimens during lightfastness testing.”

Effective immediately, there are no limits on the sale of L2, Lot 8. A new lot of L2 lightfastness control fabric, referred to as Lot 9, has been produced, analyzed for color and fading characteristics, and approved. L2, Lot 9 will be available for purchase as soon as the supply of Lot 8 is exhausted.

AATCC research committee RA50, Lightfastness and Weathering Test Methods, recently approved revisions to AATCC test methods to clarify the use of L2 lightfastness control fabrics for both 5 AFU and 20 AFU tests. The updated versions of the following AATCC Test Methods will appear in the 2015 AATCC Technical Manual and are available for purchase from AATCC as downloadable PDFs:

Source: AATCC

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