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Honored Life Member Awards

December 4th, 2014 / By: / Industry News

Honored Life Membership awards were presented at the IFAI Expo 2014 opening reception and awards ceremony, where Pat Hayes, CPP, former IFAI board member and Honored Life Member, announced the four industry leaders to be recognized this year.


Sy Hyman is the founder of Herculite Products Inc., Emigsville, Pa. His vision and determination allowed the company to stay one step ahead in grasping the importance of the advent of synthetic fiber and fabrics and plastics technology, helping Herculite become a leader in developing the innovative brands and materials that are still used today, such as the patented Staph-Check® healthcare fabric. Though he has retired after more than 25 years of industry service, his passion and enthusiasm for it are always apparent.

Pete McKernan, IFM, is president and chief executive officer of Herculite Products Inc., and served as chairman of the IFAI board from 2009–11. Although he has provided dedicated service to the industry for several years, he was nominated in particular for his work with the Industrial Fabrics Foundation. McKernan helped to refocus the organization, spending a tremendous amount of time and effort on the cause, making a significant difference in setting it on a more productive and successful path.

Nora Norby, MFC, is president of Banner Creations Inc., Minneapolis, Minn. Her dedication and commitment to IFAI are evident in the amount of time she has spent helping the organization progress and develop best practices. Always available to answer any questions about her field of work, she is always quick to offer her talents and knowledge for anything from giving industry presentations to assisting with developing technology, proving herself as an industry expert and someone who epitomizes a true IFAI member.

Frank Sinclair retired after more than 28 years as an entrepreneur and independent small business owner of Sinclair Equipment Co., Diamond Springs, Calif. Though he first developed his business around hot air welding equipment, he was continuously evolving the company, conceptualizing and designing products such as the Triad Wedge Welder, the Spec Wedge Welder product line and “in-field” wedge welders built for geosynthetic installation needs. Some of these products are nearly 20 years old, but they are all still used widely throughout the industry today, performing at top level.

This recognition is by special request and at the discretion of the board of directors. Candidates must meet one or both of the following criteria: meritorious or outstanding work accomplished for the association; exceptional accomplishments or extraordinary achievement while serving as an officer of the association.