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Advanced Textiles Division membership growing

September 28th, 2017 / By: / Expo News

The Advanced Textiles Division of the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) held an open meeting Tuesday at IFAI Expo. The division leadership announced that it is the fastest growing division at IFAI and has increased to 219 members – a significant jump in just the last year, said incoming chairman, Amit Kapoor. He credited the outgoing chairman, Bud Weisbart, with much of that success, and complimented the IFAI staff for a successful year of activities, including well attended webinars and other events.

“This really represents the future of IFAI,” added member Mark Mordecai. “It’s a world of infinite possibility.”

Kapoor invited applications for membership on the board, which he said they would like to expand, and he invited feedback, “both good and bad. He added that the division wants to provide for the members what is most useful and desired.

The division sponsors the Student Design Challenge, an annual competition that invites students studying textile sciences to solve a problem as posed by the division. This year’s winners attended the meeting and shared their excitement about their Expo experience. Team member Evan Idhe noted that the members of the winning team come from different areas of study, but “there’s something for each of us here,” he said. “We’ve seen things we didn’t know existed, and are now possibilities.” (See also “2017 Student Design Challenge Winners: Advanced Textiles” on this site.)