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Keeping employees engaged

September 28th, 2017 / By: / Expo News

According to Barry Adams, President of Peach Tree Awnings in Norcross, Ga., “The reason people separate from their company is because they feel their contribution is not valued and they feel what they do isn’t making a difference.” Adams’ session, “How to Keep Talented Employees Engaged,” presented at IFAI Expo 2017, focused on ways to retain and engage talented key associates in a company.

What does an engaged employee look like? Adams noted five distinctions:

  • Fully involved in work
  • Enthusiastic
  • Inspired
  • Committed to their work
  • Fascinated by their work

Adams also offered ten “C’s” on employee engagement:

  1. Connect (Manage by walking around.)
  2. Career path (Do people know where they’re going?)
  3. Clarity (Is there a clear vision and are there goals?)
  4. Communicate/convey (Have expectations been set? Are you [the manager] giving regular feedback?)
  5. Celebrate/congratulate (Encourage the heart.)
  6. Contribute (Do employees see a connection between their work, exceptional customer service and the success of the company?)
  7. Control (Do employees have control of their work flow and do they help in decision making?)
  8. Collaborate (Is there trust and cooperation in the workplace?)
  9. Credibility (Are there high ethical standards?)
  10. Confidence (Are employees proud to wear the company colors and wave the flag?)