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Tips for navigating social media madness

September 28th, 2017 / By: / Expo News

“Post with a purpose,” says Sam Armijos of Fabric Architect LLC. “Understand that you’ll be wasting someone else’s time if you don’t have a purpose for posting.” Armijos presented a campfire session on “Social Media Madness” during IFAI Expo 2017 in New Orleans, La.

Armijos shared some tips and tricks to help navigate social media madness:

  • Start small (Take one social media platform and start with a simple task like posting a picture.)
  • Start smart (Share more information about yourself rather than product information.)
  • Be careful (Boasting too much can sound like a sales pitch.)
  • Think long term (Know that what you post won’t be going away anytime soon.)
  • Avoid “roasting” (Also known as cyberbullying.)
  • Content matters (Keep things interesting.)
  • Stay out of politics (It could come back to haunt you.)
  • Watch your language
  • Remember to have fun!