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Better software, better service, faster growth

October 2nd, 2019 / By: / Expo News

Bob Fatahee, owner, and Mike Falahee, president, of Marygrove Roll Screens, discussed the importance of software technology for the manufacturing industry at Expo 2019 in Orlando, Fla., during a pre-conference education session. 

The presenters explained how technology has helped their company grow significantly and has allowed it to better compete with companies that offer quick services and delivery, like Amazon. Notable software technologies that Marygrove utilizes include: 

  • software platform accessed by consultants through iPads that includes a presentation on the company’s products and also collects on-the-spot customer information. 
  • An awning simulator accessed on an iPad that shows a client what a particular awning would look like on the client’s house or business. The simulator also includes a product selection section, awning size determination section, installation accessories page, and a confirmation/checkout tool.
  • customer portal that all Marygrove customers can access to track their purchases and view an installation video to show the installment on their property was done correctly. 

Through these and other software technologies, Marygrove has been able to implement same-day contact with customers, has reduced its number of giveaways and discounts, and now experiences higher close percentages and better upsells.