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Gerhing-Tricot available to produce medical and other textiles

April 1st, 2020 / By: / COVID-19, News

Gehring-Tricot Corp. is offering their resources to assist other textile-related cut/sew facilities and  product manufacturing companies respond to COVID-19. Gehring-Tricot Corp is a diverse vertically integrated textile manufacturer based in New York and Massachusetts, historically known for its ability to service a very broadrange of textile markets.

Bill Christmann, VP of sales at Gehring-Tricot, says, “We are currently considered an essential mill, due our high concentration on essential markets such as military, medical, law enforcement, and personal protectionamongst others. Our capabilities include warp knit, circular knit, simplex, stretch wovens as well as a very expansive dyehouse for internal as well as contract dyeing and finishing. Each of these has many subsets too.”

Christmann can be reached at or 516-747-4555 ext. 228.