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Digital reports

Types of reports
Advertisers on IFAI websites may receive monthly reports as follows.

Advertiser performance report
These reports highlight the performance of your banner ad on one of our websites, including general traffic data as well as number of impressions and clickthroughs for the month.

Website status update
These reports show the overall performance of the website you’re advertising on, including demographic breakdown, traffic and user behavior data, and other data of note such as top search keywords and referring sites.

Trend reports
At the end of the calendar year, advertisers will receive an overview of their campaign’s performance for the year.

> Other reports may be requested through your account representative.

Data with integrity

IFAI’s web team strives to provide digital media metrics that advertisers can rely on. The team takes proactive measures to ensure reports are highly accurate and follow metrics industry best practice.

IP filtering
IFAI’s digital media traffic metrics are filtered to eliminate traffic generated from internal IP addresses. This ensures that traffic from IFAI staff is not measured alongside actual customer traffic.

Bot filtering
IFAI’s advertising metrics are filtered to eliminate bots that may register unqualified checks on ads found on IFAI websites. Bots can be generated from search engines or spammers and may cause click-through rates to be falsely inflated. We filter out bot traffic from our measurement data to ensure that all clicks we’re reporting are actual, qualified customer clicks.