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Editorial policy


Before editors feature something in IFAI magazines, they ask: Why is this important to readers? How will it help them do their jobs?

The editors build publications that are uniquely useful to both readers and advertisers. When searching for editorial sources, they begin with IFAI members and advertisers, because they too have readers in mind. They don’t stop there, though. New sources of editorial information keep the content and readership growing and infused with fresh information.

If you’d like to submit materials for editorial consideration, opportunities go beyond the editorial calendar. Start the process by contacting the magazine’s editor. Editorial deadlines for each issue are usually 8-10 weeks before publication. For more immediate news, all publication websites are updated weekly, and the Specialty Fabrics Review website is updated daily.

Editorial coverage is never sold or guaranteed to anyone.


Quotes and accompanying relevant parts of articles will be sent to sources to check for accuracy. An entire article is never sent to any one source in advance, unless the source is also the author of the article.
IFAI publications do not accept articles about individual advertisers or potential advertisers due to conflict-of-interest concerns. Articles may be written by an employee of an advertiser or potential advertiser, as long as the primary purpose of the article is to discuss industry issues, not to promote a line of products or a service.
Most articles are assigned by the editors. Sometimes an unsolicited manuscript is accepted if it is clearly intended for our readership and in accordance with our editorial policies. If interested, contact the editor for suggestions and guidance.
Corporate logos are not used in editorial copy, but may be included in special sections.