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IFAI design services

IFAI has a talented graphic design team available to create an attractive and compelling ad for you. This free service is a great way to get started in advertising.

If you’d like IFAI to help you develop effective marketing materials, please review the information below and submit a query through our contact form.

IFAI ad design process

Step 1: Decide when you want to run an ad
Submit your request with your sales rep around 6-8 weeks prior. For example, if you’d like to run an ad in an April issue, submit an ad request by early February.

Step 2: Communicate with the design team
Review your goals for the ad and what size you would like. Consider the following information:

Step 3: Allow one week
Designers need at least one week to work on your ad. The design staff will prepare 2 concepts based on information you provide, and 2 rounds of proofs and changes, free of charge. If the ad requires additional proofs and changes, there will be a charge of $100 per hour for design time.

Step 4: Review completed ad
Ads prepared for you by IFAI staff are for use in IFAI magazines or websites. If an image is purchased for the ad, that cost will be assumed by the advertiser. If you’d like high-resolution, reproducible copies of your ad, you may purchase them. Contact your ad rep for information.