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Role of new media

Make your marketing campaign more effective with well-executed websites and e-newsletters.

Strong content is essential. IFAI websites include more than 10,000 archived articles in a searchable database.

SEO (search engine optimization) makes all the difference. IFAI websites have been designed to ensure a high rank on web searches.

Monthly e-newsletters promote content. Thousands of targeted recipients receive IFAI Worldwide in 1 of 5 regional formats.

New media means new customers. Most of IFAI’s websites attract about 50% of traffic from outside the U.S.

Electronic media drives visitors to your website. Click-through rates for IFAI sites are well above industry averages.

High impressions are guaranteed. Exclusive spots and controlled rotation of a small number of ads means good value for your placement.

IFAI sites get high marks. Analytic data demonstrates the strength of the content and the value to advertisers associated with it.