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Synergy works

Create synergy between your advertising and in-person strategy to drive better results and increase ROI.


  • Builds awareness
  • Increases brand stature
  • Influences purchase intent
  • Maintains company reputation
  • Stimulates trade show visits


  • Builds relationships
  • Allows customers to see and feel
  • Moves purchase process forward
  • Provides valuable intelligence
  • Generates hot leads

Companies that use IFAI magazines in combination with IFAI shows have consistently reported better results than companies that rely solely on one or the other media.

IFAI magazines drive show traffic by creating interest in advance of the show. Face-to-face access to thousands of prospects in a 3-day event is a cost-effective way to meet with buyers.

Relationships started at IFAI events are enhanced by effective follow-up after the event. All attendees at IFAI shows are automatically added to the appropriate magazine’s circulation list, giving you direct access to prospective customers.