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Value of print advertising

Print magazines outperform all other media in driving purchase intent.

Business magazines capture readers’ undivided attention. The affinity and credibility readers feel toward their magazine is transferred to the ads. Unlike most other media, magazine ads are not an interruption, but an integral part of the learning experience.

Content is king and good content builds reader loyalty. IFAI magazines are effective in carrying your message because magazines that provide necessary business information enjoy high affinity. When those magazines are viewed as credible and unbiased, the affinity rating is even higher.

IFAI magazines are received and read with interest. IFAI magazines are delivered to members and qualified subscribers who have either paid for their subscription or requested it. Subscription lists have been carefully targeted over many years and interested readers are continually vetted and qualified.

IFAI has built-in credibility. As a not-for-profit trade association there are no owners demanding high profits at the expense of integrity. On the contrary, all profit earned from ads sold in IFAI magazines is invested in association programs that strengthen the industry. It’s a marketing investment that provides the added benefit of supporting your market.