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Project Title: Port of Albany C&D Transfer Station

Category: Frame-Supported Structures

Completion Date: February 24, 2017

Approximate Size: 10200

Unit of Measurement: Square Feet

Project Location: Albany, NY

Fabric Name: OTHER

Fabric Producer: OTHER

Fabric Supplier: OTHER


A 68’ wide x 150’ long x 55' tall - Steel Framed, Fabric Covered Building.


W.M. Biers Inc requested a fabric-covered structure that would fit an existing foundation. This structure is located in the Port of Albany and will be used to store the Construction and Demolition materials that will be brought in for processing.

What's unique:

The existing foundation did not match any of our existing structure layouts. This required Fred’s Tents to design a completely new structure for the customer. The most unique and important feature of this building is that the customer needed a 40’ wide x 30’ tall opening on the side of the building. The opening is required for the grapple to access train cars from within the structure.


The customer is extremely happy with the outcome of this project. The design of the structure met all of their needs. As an added bonus, the fabric allows enough light into the working space of the structure to work without the added expense of lights during daylight hours.

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