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Movie Projection Screen

June 12th, 2017 / By: /

Project Title: Movie Projection Screen

Category: Exterior Shades and Screens

Completion Date: August 30, 2016

Approximate Size: 148

Unit of Measurement: square feet

Project Location: Las Vegas, NV

Fabric Name: Duratex 18oz white blackout vinyl


An 18'-7" wide x 8' tall power screen system for poolside use, watching movies and sporting events!


The end user requested a projection screen that wouldn't be affected by the weather, wind, or reflection off of the infinity pool between the screen and projector. Exterior fabric that's smooth and that doesn't have a glossy finish, that can hold up in the desert wind, and would roll neatly into its housing when not in use.

What's unique:

The screen fabric needed to be durable to hold up to the desert sun and wind, but not too bulky due to the large size of the screen.


The end user was blown away by the screen. He thought he'd be laughed at for his request, but was surprised that the subcontractor and manufacturer were delighted to work on a unique project like this.

The subcontractor has since used the client's testimonial and photos from the job to sell multiple other units used as projection screens and seen his business grow.

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