GORE-TEX® unveils new technologies for 2018

December 5th

Beginning in autumn 2018, the new product brand GORE-TEX® INFINIUM™ will join GORE-TEX brand, expanding offerings with new apparel, footwear and accessories. GORE-TEX INFINIUM product technologies are designed for specific activities and users, while offering a performance upgrade that does not need to be waterproof. The company will launch the brand with four product technologies, all...

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New Reebok military boot is introduced

November 28th

  Warson Brands has introduced the Reebok Sublite Cushion Tactical Boot for military personnel. To create the boot, Reebok reports that the company built on input from wearers of Reebok boots designed for law enforcement professionals. Details include a lace garage to tuck away laces when blousing pants; a full rubber outsole with rope guard designed...

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  3D device for nanofiber production developed at MIT

November 17th

Nanofiber production may become cheaper due to a new development. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have effectively utilized a less expensive commercially available 3D printer to develop a microfluidic nozzle to produce nanofibers. The 3-D printed device enables the production of uniform nanofibers that can be configured into a variety of meshes....

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Teijin develops cooling vest for firefighter safety

November 2nd

Photos: Teijin Ltd. Teijin Ltd. has announced its development of a cooling vest that includes the use of small electric fans to help protect firefighters from heat stroke. The company reports the cooling vest reduces body temperature and heart rate through sweat absorption, quick drying and moisture permeability. The electric fans pull in outside air...

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Polartec unveils new workwear

October 27th

Polartec recently unveiled its new fabric collections specifically engineered for contractors, electricians, and oil and gas professionals. The company reports it has worked for years with the U.S. military and workwear markets to develop the new product lines. Each collection was designed to address daily on-site work performance needs without inhibiting everyday comfort or style....

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Starlinger unveils eight-shuttle circular loom

June 7th

Starlinger has introduced a new loom that operates with eight weaving shuttles and features a newly constructed reed. The FX 8.0 circular loom is used for the production of heavy-duty tape fabric. Designed for the production of tubular and flat fabrics with up to 260 grams per square meter, the loom can process polypropylene, HDPE...

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Jackets and packs repair themselves

June 6th

Lifestyle brand Imperial Motion, based in Tacoma, Wash., is offering a new line of jackets and backpacks made of self-healing fabric. The company’s Nano Cure Tech Fabric is a lightweight, waterproof nylon ripstop, combined with a double-sided coating, that has resealing and repairing capabilities. When activated by the heat of a person’s fingers, small holes and...

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Hyosung launches MIPAN Robic fine

May 19th

Hyosung has announced a new yarn that it says has 15 to 20 percent higher tenacity than regular nylon in the same deniers. The MIPAN Robic Fine yarn family ranges from 7–15 denier. Hyusong envisions the new yarns will be used for higher tensile strength and abrasion resistance in workwear, military uniforms and bags, backpacks,...

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Pitch a tent in a boat

May 18th

Photos: Raptor Boats. Raptor Boats Platform XL combines a boat and a tent, providing anglers with shelter from the elements. The boat is designed for a two-person tent, but the Platform XL features 15 D-rings to accommodate a range of tents or bivouac sacks. The platform is constructed of four inflatable air decks that form the...

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HeiQ Fresh NKU tackles VOCs

May 12th

HeiQ’s founding story involves hiking through the Swiss Alps, smelly tech-shirts and unhappy girlfriends. Since then, HeiQ has focused on odor control In textiles. The company’s latest product, HeiQ Fresh NKU, is meant to capture and transform volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The compnay says that the working principle of the technology behind HeiQ Fresh NKU...

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