Webinar: Building Your Future through the Fog of Uncertainty–Clearing through Covid

August 13 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

12 – 1 pm CST

Members: Free, Non-Members: $39

This unprecedented business environment of COVID-19 has upended the rules of how to advance our organizations. We must now grow in the midst of fear and intense uncertainty. In this live webinar, entrepreneur and leadership speaker Jeffrey Tobin will help you to walk through the fog, showing how to clear a path to the future you choose to build.

Bring something for taking notes, participate live, and plan to gain greater confidence and clarity about your new future, the one you choose to build.

Speaker: Jeffrey Tobin, founder of The Concept Coach

Jeffrey Tobin is the Founder of The Concept Coach, an executive coaching company that works primarily with inspired executives and entrepreneurs. He is considered by many to be a “compass” for executives who want to discover their biggest futures. His proprietary tools and unique educational processes provide the necessary structure to foster both personal and business growth.

He began working with executives as a nationally recognized writer, speaker and consultant in 1981. Today, people are attracted to Jeffrey because he speaks from experience. He is not only a speaker, teacher and personal coach, but unlike many other speakers, Jeffrey has lived right where his followers live, for over three decades as an entrepreneur. He bought or established four separate businesses including office products retail, office furniture design, sales and installation, a copier sales and service company, and two franchises for Verizon Wireless. Jeffrey doesn’t just talk a good game, he lives in the real business world and he brings his unique perspectives to his audience and to his clients. He recently sold the lot in order to speak full time. Jeffrey also created a leadership coaching program called The Concept Coach. His myriad programs and workshop materials provide not only individual breakout sessions, but also offer a continuous, quarterly learning curriculum, networking opportunities, and executive peer groups as well as personal coaching. Most specifically, Jeffrey has developed totally new concepts that
enable organizations to overcome the stymied traditional means of attempting to build employee engagement. He helps participants target a new, greater goal. Then, leaders can help to bond themselves – and the entire organization – to the company in a way which reduces turnover and increases engagement. It’s really quite fascinating. And fun!

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August 13 12:00 pm

August 13 1:00 pm