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Note: IAA Awards are open for purchase from March 1 – June 15, 2019.

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From design excellence to quality workmanship, the MFA Fabrication Excellence showcase projects that represent the breadth of the industry—from tops and covers to interior and exterior upholstery.

Entries open Aug. 15, 2019  |  Entries extended to Nov. 24, 2019

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Submissions for the 2017 International Achievement Awards (IAA) are now closed. Winners will be announced at IFAI Expo in New Orleans. Please check back in the spring to enter the 2018 Awards.

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Your project applications

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Set up your project 

Fill in your project information. When finished, click Save for Later if you need more time to assemble all of your materials, or click Submit if you are ready to complete the submission process on this project.

Make sure to fill in [New Entry] with your project title and select the category you’d like to submit your project in under the “Select a value” dropdown.

Click the “Edit” button to start entering project information. Entrants need the following information about their projects:

1) Fabrics used
Provide the tradename(s) of the fabrics used for your project and the manufacturer and/or supplier of the fabric. If the tradename is unknown, then enter the name of the fabric (for example, vinyl).

2) Project Credits
Provide the name and company of any others that were involved with your project. If your company did all the work on your project, please leave this section blank. Please note that not all the credit fields listed on the application form will apply to your project, if so leave these fields blank.

Your company name SHOULD NOT be included in your description(for example, refer to your company as we, us, or our company).The description of the project must include:

  • The project specifications (define abbreviations as needed)
  • What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?
  • What is unique or complex about the project? (This helps the judges understand your challenges and solutions for the project)
  • What were the results of this project? (i.e. how the project met the client’s needs, continued business)

4) Images

  • 1-4 photo/high-resolution digital images of the project (overall and varying angles)
  • Formats: JPEG or PNG

  • Use Spell check. Remember that your judges will see all your misspelled words.
  • Don’t write in ALL CAPS. This appears like shouting and is difficult to read.
  • Don’t write in ALL Lowercase. This is difficult to read.
  • Don’t write answers to questions in bullet points. Bullet points can be misunderstood and may not be clear to the judges. It is better to answer all questions with complete sentences.
  • Submit the description that you want to see in print.  Remember that what you write could appear on the gallery website, division websites or one of IFAI’s magazines, not to mention it is what your judges will read.

Use the best images you have of your project.  Images should be high‐resolution, at least 1 mg.  Why should use good images? It will wow your judge and help to increase your possibility of exposure in IFAI’s magazines.

Your company name SHOULD NOT be included in your description(for example, refer to your company as we, us, or our company).

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