Everything’s connected

Mr. Sadao Izumi - President of Izumi Co. Ltd.Mr. Sadao Izumi moves the tent industry forward—by keeping the big picture in mind.

“There are two Japanese characters that make up the word ‘manage’—and these characters represent how interdependent the process of running a business is,” says Mr. Sadao Izumi, owner and president of Izumi Co. Ltd., Toyoma, Japan, and chairman of the Japan Tent Sheet Manufacturers Association. “It’s hard to explain, but it’s as if one character is the warp and the other is the weft. If one is severed, the textile is compromised. It is the same for managing a business—or the industry. If one part is not going well, it affects the rest of us.”

Mr. Sadao Izumi is the president of Izumi Co. Ltd., Toyama City, Toyama, Japan. Read the full profile in the December 2014 perspectivefrom Specialty Fabrics Review.