Meet the members of IFAI and hear about the benefits of membership in their own words. Members come from all over the world and from every market segment, and each brings a unique view on the industry.


Partners in leadership: Susan Shields and Mike Miller, Airtex Design Group

August 2014

Susan Shields and Mike Miller foster leadership skills and personal accountability to pursue entrepreneurial excellence.

"I think at the core of this process is getting the right person in the right seat—making sure they can do their job in the best possible way, defining what that possibility is, and connecting the dots of people to make sure they’re accountable and that they understand that accountability. –Susan Shields"

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Trust the process: James Gallagher, Tensile Integrity Inc.

July 2014

James Gallagher manages projects from conception to completion—by paying attention to detail and practicing transparency.

"I’m very particular on this; there is a clear chain of command. I’ll communicate with anybody under the sun, but I have only one customer."

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The next steps: Carol Racine, Racine Design

June 2014

Carol Racine takes on one challenge after another as she and her husband build a business and make plans for a sewing school.

"There’s such a desperate need for people who know how to sew, particularly in the upholstery arena. My dream is to teach the different techniques to people who intend to make a career of it."

- Carol Racine, President of Racine Design from Jacksonville, Fla.
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The structure of success: Jeremy Calhoun, Calhoun Super Structure Ltd.

May 2014

Jeremy Calhoun builds strong dealer networks to support customer service.

"I spend a lot of time researching people, to find who can help me develop the business—putting together what I call the stars of my team."

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Sharp focus, broad impact: Hal Lapping, Economy Tent Intl.

April 2014

Hal Lapping tightens his company’s focus to make quality products affordable.

"Improving profitability while keeping pricing low is a balancing act. In order to do this we are always looking for more efficiency in the manufacturing process and for ways to reduce costs."

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Positively powerful: Kisha Moldovan, Capital City Awning

March 2014

Kisha Moldovan builds relationships with sincerity and enthusiasm to boost business and advance the industry.

"If I can help create an enjoyable work environment for myself and my team—that in turn makes for a more positive experience for our customers."

- Kisha Moldovan, Sales manager and marketing director of Capital City Awning from Columbus, Ohio
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The failsafe questions: John Conroy, House of Canvas

February 2014

John Conroy ensures project success by asking the right questions.

"It’s a very difficult thing for everyone when you walk into an existing company with your own attitudes and style—while being compassionate to the people who are experiencing the changes. You have to be careful how you infuse yourself into the company."

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Solutions in motion: Andy Moon, Baraboo Tent & Awning

January 2014

Andy Moon’s concern for customers is the driving force behind product design.

"We’re always looking to add equipment and technology that help us do things faster. That’s one of the ways we’ve been differentiating ourselves from the competition."

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