2017 Marine Fabricator Buyer’s Guide is now open.

Submitting your listings is easy:



2. Click “PURCHASE NOW” for the Buyer’s Guide of your choosing.

3. Log in and you’ll be directed to the Buyer’s Guides selection page for your account.

If this is your first time logging into our new system, please use the address this email was sent to, and indicate that you have forgotten your password at the login screen. This will prompt the system will generate a new password to that email address, which you can then use to log in.

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4. Click on “Purchase Listings” for the Buyer’s Guide you wish to list under.  

5. Select a “Category” on the left, and then click in the box next to the product listings you wish to list under. As you select listings, they will accumulate in a list on the right side of the screen. 

6. Click “Add to Cart” when you are finished with your selections.

7. Click “Check Out”

8. At this time, you can enter your coupon code for free listings in the “Apply Code” box


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2017 Specialty Fabrics Review Buyer’s Guide is now closed. Please contact Dakoda Hane at 651-225-6918 for any further information.