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Subscribe to AATCC test methods online

Feb. 8, 2017

AATCC test methods, including all new and revised methods published in 2016, may now be accessed as an online subscription through ASTM’s Compass database. The “AATCC Collection” includes 123 test methods, 11 procedures and nine monographs.

A subscription gives access to an entire organization, and subscribers will be able to access the newest test methods as they become available. The Collection also includes two additional compilations of technical documents: Concept 2 Consumer® Technical Supplement: A Compilation of Procedures and Guidelines, with 26 provisional procedures; and Moisture Management Technical Supplement: Applicable to Apparel, Linens and Soft Goods, with eight provisional procedures.

Companies may also subscribe to other AATCC content, including more than 350 ASTM textile standards related to apparel and fabric, care labeling, body measurement charts, flammability and home furnishings. ASTM Compass includes more than 1,400 books, 15,000 journal articles and 47,000 papers, chapters and articles, as well as online training with videos, checklists and self-testing, engineering consulting and translations. AATCC members receive a 30 percent discount on the subscription price.

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