Pathfinder Automatic Fabric Cutting 2

Pathfinder automatic knife cutting system is awesome!  Parts can be cut without any buffer between shapes typically saving thousands of dollars in material that is otherwise wasted. Digital vacuum control integrated within the software make this machine fantastic. Production Management, maintenance management, integrated digital camera are only a few of the amazing options available.

Plotter Cutter for prototyping with coated paperboard

A Carlson Design Cutter is great for modeling and prototyping. Here the STx is cutting .03″ coated paperboard for Drimaxz.  Using the adjustable depth sign knife in the pen holder, the user is able to score and cut the material.  For more information about Carlson Design plotter/ cutters please visit us at or email us at  If you liked this video, you should also check out our flag ship model CTx video!

Roll slitter for cutting fiberglass, Cloth, polyester, pvc, vinyls.

Roll slitter or log slitter for cutting fiberglass rolls, cloth and polyester rolls and pvc banners, vinyls, application tape.  Manual, sem-iautomatic and automatic slitters.

Roll slitter or roll cutter for nonwoven, fabrics, plastics.wmv

For Bed linen manufacturers, cushions, nonwoven, apparel, carpets, all kind of fabrics, banners, vinyls, etc.  A motorized cradle feed which avoid problems with damaged roll tubes.(no central shaft).  Roll slitter model TOP by Ribamatic for rolls up to 3.5mts width.  Fast, easy, affordable, reliable!

Svegea Collarette Cutting Machine with True Drive from Sewn Products Equipment Company

Here we highlight the Svegea 300 series collarette cutter with True Drive. 800 327 2677 or