Fastest Banner Welding Machine for Hemming Banners and Signs

Finish your 3 x 5 banners in under one minute with Miller Weldmaster’s T300 Extreme Edge. Designed for finishing the edges of your banners with hems, pole pockets, and rope. Ideal for PVC vinyl banners and signs. No matter the size or how many banners you finish a month, the T300 Extreme Edge can do the job!

FIAB 1400L 360 RF traveling welder

Watch this robotic RF welder make complete military tent windows in just a few minutes! JTE has the most automated RF welding systems available! The FIAB 1400 360 degree turning head, traveling welder can weld your PVC sub-assemblies in one shift and your panels in another. Automatic sequential programming is easy as windows touch screen technology!

Forsstrom MG-Flex High Frequency (HF) welding machine

Forsstrom MG-Flex 300 (8 kW) is a compact HF welding machine on wheels, which makes it easy for operators to join heavy materials. Instead of lifting the heavy material, the machine can be moved freely on the floor. The welding head can rotate180°, another helpful tool in the HF-welding process. With its great flexibility, Forsstrom MG-Flex creates new production possibilities. To increase the manufacturing efficiency, MG-Flex has several unique features. Such as a Z-guide for controlling overlaps up to 80mm in width, increased lift height of welding head (daylight) of 190mm and Forsstrom´s latest developed software and computer with a 12 inch touch-screen. Machine options: Movable on wheels – for joining large and heavy panels Stationary on a frame – for detailed welding operations Compressor – built-in machine chassi for additional flexibility Foot pedal – for press up and down.

Forsstrom TD 400

2nd hand welding machine, 12m table, electrode length 1100mm, max. welding area 400cm², 10 kW HF power. for the price, send an email on

Forsstrom TDO XY Gantry, HF welding machine

TDO x-y Gantry is Forsstroms specially developed HF welding / RF welding machine. The HF welding machine TDO is an advanced and automated machine (12 kW). The machine consists of a suspended HF generator with welding press. It travels in a suspension system above a large welding table. Welding is performed automatically, with a welding pattern pre-programmed using coordinates. The model is suitable for large-scale manufacturing with repeated welding operations.

HF welding / RF welding machine Forsstrom MG-L

The HF welding / RF welding machine Forsstrom MG-L was developed on request of one of Forsstrom’s customers for the manufacturing of large structures of PVC and PU. The HF welding machine consists of an HF generator with welding press suspended in a C-press mounted on a low welding table (only 0.5 m high). The HF welding table can be fitted with wheels. The machine can then be moved manually or with a remote control. The machine head can be equipped with 360° rotation and the C-press has openings for steering material (so-called Z-guiding). These openings can be adjusted for different material overlap widths. All of this results in an extremely flexible machine that creates new production possibilities thanks to its great ability to move. Table length restrictions are also eliminated since the machine can be moved freely. Large material volumes can be laid out on the floor and the machine can then be moved to the desired welding position all with an extremely high degree of precision.

HF welding / RF welding machine Forsstrom RID

The RID machine (60 kW) is one of Forsstrom’s most advanced HF welding / RF welding machines. It is a stationary machine for fully automatic welding of the top and sides of truck covers of PVC with bands and reinforcements. Material welding, feeding and cutting are controlled by computer and performed automatically based on the customers specific requirements. The machine is equipped with a holder for jumbo rolls of material. This facilitates a more uniform production rate due to fewer interruptions for material replacement.

HF welding / RF welding machine Forsstrom TDF

The HF welding / RF welding machine Forsstrom TDF has an automatic and adjustable folding system mounted on the entire length of the HF welding table or on parts of it. The HF welding machine was developed in response to the sunshade industrys very high requirements for end product precision. The folding system makes it possible to produce an absolutely straight end hem. The width of the hems and the welds can be adapted to the needs of the individual customer. The system can also be specially equipped and used as a retaining tool for edge reinforcement.

HF welding / RF welding machine Forsstrom TG

The HF welding / RF welding machine Forsstrom TG consists of an HF generator with welding press suspended in a C-press. It is available in two versions: stationary or travelling HF welding machine with a table in any length, with or without trough for material storage. The suspended machine head leaves a great amount of space at the sides of the machine. The stationary TG is suitable for small-scale manufacturing and for manufacturing products with many welding operations, such as details on tents. The travelling TG is suitable for large-volume products. The operator can either stand on the floor in front of the machine or follow along on a platform as it moves along the table. The model can also be equipped with vertical machine head adjustment (up to ± 0.5 m) and 360° rotation. This saves time as it reduces material handling. There are great possibilities for customisation with this heavy-duty machine, which is one of our more advanced models. While it is a major investment, our customers who have purchased this machine think that the great gains in production efficiency more than make up for the cost.