Welding: Hot Air Welding Machine for Tent Welding | Miller Weldmaster

Miller Weldmaster’s fully automated tent panel hot air welding machine. This heat-sealing bonding system allows you to weld multiple panels together as well as welding hems on the edges. This system will also produce your own keder and weld it to your tent panels simultaneously.

Welding: T-300 Extreme Hot Air & Hot Wedge Welding Machine for Tents | Miller Weldmaster

The T-300 Extreme hot air and hot wedge welding machine combines versatility and acutely controlled operating parameters within an ergonomic design and interface for easy operation, speed, accuracy and productivity.

Welding: T-600 Hot Air & Wedge Welding Machine | Miller Weldmaster

The T-600 Extreme Shade is a hot air and hot wedge welding machine used for making PVC and acrylic awnings and canopies. Our customers use the T-600 Extreme Shade to make leak-proof seams that are stronger than the material itself. It is designed to accurately weld panels together to make wider stationary and retractable awnings. The T-600 Extreme Shade is capable welding many different materials. This machine performs acrylic, PE, PP, TPU and PVC welding, as well as making weldable zippers and webbing.