Adjustable Double Head Hook & Loop Automated Sewing.

Carpet Fringe Sewn On With NC Carpet Binding Machine

Rug Fringe sewn on with an NC Carpet Binding Machine. How to use fringe attachment to sew on carpet fringe.

Consew & Meistergram – Bobbin Case Assembly & Setup

Consew & Meistergram – Bobbin Case Assembly & Setup

How To Apply Serge Tape With NC Bobbinless Carpet Binding Machine MIl2009

Serge Tape is easily applied with all NC Carpet Binding Machines. Our 11/4″ Cotton Serge Tape is shown being applied with the NC Mil2009. We offer 100 colors in 11/4″ Serge Tape for the carpet border.

How to apply Serging Tape with NC Carpet Binder

Serging tape is applied with NC Carpet Binding Machine model PBT. You can apply serging / serge tape with all NC Carpet Binders. This video will show you how to apply serging tape with an NC Carpet Binder. 100 colors in 11/4″ serge tape available

How to carpet binding, wide borders, sisal tapes, 3″, 5″ with NC TPB

How to apply carpet binding tape in all wide border sizes 3″ sisal tape, 5″ wide border tape, All applied with NC Model TPB Carpet Binder.

J-Channel Sewing – Juki LU2810

J-Channel Sewing – Juki LU2810 custom guides for equipment supplied from M.J. Foley Company