402 How To Sew – Welting (Small Diameter)

403 How To Sew – Welting to a Curve

Adfast Corp – Eagle Mobile

Heavy duty fully automatic Mobile grommeting machine.


Adjustable Double Head Hook & Loop Automated Sewing.

Automated Hot Air Welding Machine for Truck Side Curtains | I4500W

From the innovators of welding automation, Miller Weldmaster presents the I4500 Series of Indexing hot air welding machines. The model I4500W hot air welding machine is designed to weld all of your narrow webbings as well as your wide reinforcement strips up to 300 mm (12 in). Built to be the most versatile curtain and cover producing solution available. This recipe driven curtain producer will enable your operator to easily finish your vertical webbing and vertical seams effortlessly. After the fabric is placed on the automatically driven table, the welding head will advance to the start position and finish all of the vertical webbings hands free. All webbing are pre-fed, pre-cut and precisely positioned with no measuring. Speed, versatility, precision and labor reduction…the model I4500W.