Submission Deadline: November 9, 2018



  • All videos must be relevant to the industrial fabric industry
  • Videos must not exceed 6 minutes (3-minute videos are recommended)
  • Videos must be educational and incorporate elements that help the viewer learn, including: solutions to problems, “how-to” instructions, and engaging questions.
  • Commercial or company promotions will not be accepted.
  • Only IFAI member videos will be included.
  • Videos must be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo websites.
  • Only web links will be posted in the IFAI library. Videos are viewable within the IFAI library website but are not hosted there.
  • IFAI members own their videos (unless by special contract). This means IFAI cannot change the video content nor remove the video from your hosting location on the web. IFAI can, however, remove a video link from its library collection so that it is no longer viewable within the library.
  • Any updates made to your videos (by you) will automatically transfer to the IFAI video library, as long as the URL remains the same. Any of your videos deleted by you on YouTube or Vimeo will no longer be available in the IFAI video library.
  • IFAI reserves the right to remove any video for any reason, without prior notice.
  • Video guidelines are subject to change.



    • Is the video 6 minutes or less? If yes, the video passes, continue rating the video. If the video is more than 6 minutes, the video does not pass and cannot be posted.
    • Is the topic interesting?
    • Is the presentation educational? Or, is the video simply an advertisement for the company? Does it provide a learning opportunity?
      • Problem-solving: The video solves a clearly described problem.
      • How it works: The video provides “how to” instructions.
      • Demonstration: The video demonstrates applications.
      • Action items: The video incorporates questions, or other action items, that help engage the viewer in active learning.
    • Are the learning objectives clear? Is it clear what the video is teaching and what the viewer should learn from the video?
    • Does the video present content that is relevant to the industry?