A Simple Webinar to Create Effective Webinars

Keep it simple, keep it easy, and cover the basics; almost anyone can do an effective webinar from almost anywhere all by themselves. Don’t let the technology curve or the know-it-all from the IT department deter you, web-based communication is for everyone, not just the experts, and it’s easy to deploy. Most importantly, it’s efficient, quick, and very cost effective. Web-based learning and communication isn’t the future, it’s right now, and it’s here to stay. Join HP’s self-taught webinar advocate Timothy Mitchell for a quick punch list of what you’ll need, and how to get filming all by yourself.

Speaker: Timothy Mitchell

Adaptive Changes in the Workplace – Managing Safety Through a Pandemic

Deemed an Essential Business earlier on in the COVID-19 crisis, Seaman Corporation adopted Best Practices around associate safety and hygiene as well as effective internal communications. This webinar sponsored by Seaman Corporation will provide an open discussion forum for those businesses who are planning their re-opening strategy or businesses looking to share their experiences in handling this pandemic.

Speaker: Anna Gluck, VP of Human Resources, Seaman Corporation

Adding Shade Sails to Your Business Model: Why Now is the Time to Invest in Something New

Many companies are faced with the need to pivot and add to their traditional offerings and branch out into new areas. Whether you are an existing awning company, an architect, a landscaper, or in an entirely different field, Wholesale Shade has a solution to help you pivot your business model to increase sales and help your business thrive. Learn why shade sails are a great avenue for growth no matter where you are. Discover the 4 essential skills you need to add to your knowledge base in order to successfully sell and install shade sails. This webinar will be packed with resources to guide you on your journey as well as a step-by-step case study and Q&A session at the end.

Speakers: Robin DuBroy and Gregg Burrows, Wholesale Shade

Advanced Military Contract Bidding

The US Government is the largest buyer of goods and services in the world. Learn more advanced processes for doing business with the various agencies in a 1-hour webinar.

Speaker: Mary Phelan, Polo Custom Products

Appealing to Luxury Clientele

Business can grow in size, or stature. Either way, setting yourself with a modern web design and tools to streamline incoming projects, will give a sense of professionalism and respect to both the fabricator and the client, no matter the size of the current business, or your production capabilities. Learn from my experience as a operator of a small shop. I’ll take you through go-to phrases, how to handle clients requests with kindness and certainty and how to respectfully decline a project and still have the rejected client send you referrals.

Learning objectives
• Easy web design for managing jobs
• Making the most of an at home shop
• Keeping the best jobs

Speaker: Whitney Carman, Owner of Even Keel Canvas, LLC

Ask the Code Consultant – Q&A with Paul Armstrong, PE, CBO

Join an open forum through GoToWebinar with code consultant Paul Armstrong. In this discussion, we will address code-related issues in the awning, fabric structure and tent industry. Together, let’s resolve your questions about existing code issues and one’s you’re dealing with as result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaker: Paul Armstrong, P.E., CBO, TRB & Associates, Inc.

Best Practices for Disinfecting COVID-19 Relief Materials & Equipment

This presentation will discuss how to approach and disinfect contaminated tents, along with other equipment on a COVID-19-related jobsite, including HVAC systems after use in contaminated settings. Proper PPE will also be part of the discussion. Come with questions or helpful tips yourself, as we will leave time at the end for Q&A and open dialogue.

Speaker: Chuck Shipp, owner and founder of Shipp Cleaning Systems

Brand Protection by the Use of Invisible Markings

Product piracy has long been a staggering problem for the textile industry. DITF & IPA have developed an elegant solution: a fully transparent ink which is invisible to the human eye. The security ink, called Transparency™, is based on IR-active particles which are fixed on the substrate by textile binders. The patented high-tech Transparency security ink can be applied to textile – without altering its look or feel – to ensure authenticity.

Speaker: Dr. Reinhold Schneider, Teamleader Color and Functional Printing, DITF (Germany)

Budsin Boat Webinar Series Part 1: Interview with a Boat Manufacturer

In part 1, Brooke Kahn will interview Tom Hesselink, owner of Budsin Electric Boats. Brooke and Tom discuss electric boats and the Budsin boat brand, his willingness to allow one of his vessels to be subject to a Marine Fabricators Association (MFA) boat makeover and his reactions to the final product.

Speakers: Brooke Kahn, Keyston Bros and Tom Hesselink, Budsin Electric Boats

Budsin Boat Webinar Series Part 2: Interview with a High School Principal

In this 3-part series, Brooke Kahn, Keyston Bros, will interview key people involved in the Budsin boat project that was featured at the 2019 Marine Fabricators Conference. Discover how electric boats are manufactured and fabricated and why one high school used this as a learning opportunity.

Speakers: Brooke Kahn, Keyston Bros and Dr. J. Darrell Thomas, Principal of CTEC