Adding Shade Sails to Your Business Model: Why Now is the Time to Invest in Something New

Many companies are faced with the need to pivot and add to their traditional offerings and branch out into new areas. Whether you are an existing awning company, an architect, a landscaper, or in an entirely different field, Wholesale Shade has a solution to help you pivot your business model to increase sales and help your business thrive. Learn why shade sails are a great avenue for growth no matter where you are. Discover the 4 essential skills you need to add to your knowledge base in order to successfully sell and install shade sails. This webinar will be packed with resources to guide you on your journey as well as a step-by-step case study and Q&A session at the end.

Speakers: Robin DuBroy and Gregg Burrows, Wholesale Shade

Brand Protection by the Use of Invisible Markings

Product piracy has long been a staggering problem for the textile industry. DITF & IPA have developed an elegant solution: a fully transparent ink which is invisible to the human eye. The security ink, called Transparency™, is based on IR-active particles which are fixed on the substrate by textile binders. The patented high-tech Transparency security ink can be applied to textile – without altering its look or feel – to ensure authenticity.

Speaker: Dr. Reinhold Schneider, Teamleader Color and Functional Printing, DITF (Germany)

Digital Graphics on Awning & Structures

Leading in Crisis – Companies Helping Companies – Shade Industry

It’s no secret that the business landscape changed dramatically a little over a month ago. Most business are flailing, trying to figure out how to stay afloat in these uncertain times. This interactive webinar will reveal the tactics your peers are using to sustain their businesses. No one person has all the answers, but by leveraging our association membership and sharing our own best practices we can help our colleagues and ourselves. Tactical leadership expert, Dave Rosenberg, will facilitate this webinar while providing his insight based on over 25 years leading a multitude of companies through good times and bad as well as some tools you can use to plan for survival.

Speaker: Dave Rosenberg, CPBA, CPDFA Practical Tactical Leadership Expert

Shade Fabric 101 – Characteristics and Terminology

A guided overview of premium shade fabric properties and performance. This session will provide attendees with the knowledge to:

1. Easily read mechanical and UV specification data
2. Identify the differences in shade fabrics available in the market today.
3. Understand how fabric attributes impact fabrication and functionality

Speaker: Patrick Lane, President, Alnet Americas, Inc.