How to Benefit from ASTM and IFAI’s Partnership. Updating CPAI-84 (2020) on Camping Tents: A Case Study

Learn about how:
• IFAI has partnered with standards development organization ASTM International and industry members to update CPAI-84 for the first time since 1995;
• The ASTM partnership can be leveraged for additional improvements to CPAI standards affecting other product areas;
• The “inside baseball” of the changes to the test method and scope of the CPAI-84 standard for camping tents;
• How the updated CPAI-84 (2020) impacts regulatory compliance for recreational outdoor camping tents and children’s play tents;
• The continued reliance on CPAI-84 in various state and local codes.

Speakers:Joe Koury, ASTM International and Neal Cohen, Product Safety Attorney and Consultant