Flexible Pavement Design with Geogrids – Design Theory, Technical Basis, and State of the Practice – Part 1

This two-part webinar sponsored by Tensar will discuss the use of geogrids in flexible pavements, with a focus on the requirements for proper design and successful applications. These sessions will provide a detailed overview of the design of flexible pavements using geogrids, including the underlying pavement design methods, the requirements for quantifying benefit and validating performance, and the proper means of incorporating the contribution of geogrids within accepted design methodology.

Speaker: Bryan Gee, Director of Education and Training at Tensar

IGS Electrical Leak Location Seminar Series: Ep. 4

The aim of the newly published standard practice for covered geomembrane electrical leak location testing is to locate all leaks in a lining system. Limitations and inadequacies of the previously used covered geomembrane standard practice (ASTM D7007) are all addressed and mitigated by the D8265 procedures. The new standard not only maximizes the sensitivity of the testing methods, but also forces the practitioner to report results in a way that is completely transparent. Therefore, mistakes and uncertainty cannot be hidden. This webinar will cover all aspects of the new standard practice, not only for practitioners, but also for anyone interested in reviewing testing results such as owners, design engineers, and contractors.

Speaker: Abigail Gilson, P.E., Senior Engineer, TRI Environmental, Inc