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Geotextile monitoring solutions

March 24th, 2010 / By: / Geosynthetics, Industry News

TenCate Geosynthetics, a leading provider of geosynthetics, and Roctest Ltd., the world’s largest manufacturer of fiber optic sensors for civil engineering applications, are collaborating in the development of a unique geotextile monitoring system—TenCate GeoDetect®—that will provide unprecedented detail about the properties of embankments, slopes, walls, levees, roads, rails and other earth structures. Customers will benefit from the real-time monitoring of every square meter of land for ground movement, soil erosion, settlement and other changes.

These technologies may be incorporated into a single user interface developed by Roctest/SMARTECcalled SHMLive; the platform is designed for continuous monitoring through real-time data transfer via a secure online database, and can be used to store and share all documents related to a monitoring project, including reports, plans and other pertinent information.

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