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COVID 19 Some Help (and Hope) for Tent Lessors

April 8

Online Webinar

Registration is Now Open - This presentation will focus on the most pressing legal issues currently facing tent lessors in the current crisis-plagued environment, how to deal with them most effectively, and how best to plan for them going forward.

When the Economy Stops – How to Get Back to the Party

April 9

Online Webinar

Registration is Now Open - The events of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the Global Financial Crisis all brought the economy to a sudden stop, particularly the hospitality industry. Now the Coronavirus has done it again, practically shutting down the global economy. As a business owner in the hospitality industry during the three previous crises, Jeff O’Hara has a unique perspective on where we are today and what businesses can do to survive to the end of the crisis. Jeff and Leadership expert Thom Singer, IFAI Expo 2019 Keynote Speaker, will dissect the current situation, and draw on personal experiences to help you build persistence and resilience and get Back to the Party.

A Simple Webinar to Create Effective Webinars

April 10

Online Webinar

Registration is Now Open - Keep it simple, keep it easy, and cover the basics; almost anyone can do an effective webinar from almost anywhere all by themselves. Don’t let the technology curve or the know-it-all from the IT department deter you, web-based communication is for everyone, not just the experts, and it’s easy to deploy. Most importantly, it’s efficient, quick, and very cost effective. Web-based learning and communication isn’t the future, it’s right now, and it’s here to stay. Join HP’s self-taught webinar advocate Timothy Mitchell for a quick punch list of what you’ll need, and how to get filming all by yourself.

Textile Products in Fight Against COVID-19

April 10

Online Webinar

Registration is Now Open - Join for a presentation from Dr. Seshadri Ramkumar from Texas Tech University’s Non-woven Materials Lab for timely content focusing on the use of textile product applications for defending from infectious diseases amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Smart Fabrics Virtual Summit 2020: Ideation to Commercialization

April 16 – April 17


The 2020 Smart Fabrics Summit provides a forum for professionals in the industrial textiles industry to discuss, examine and understand how to bring a “smart” product to market. Registration is now open!

Building Inspections Department and COVID-19

April 21

Online Webinar

Registration is Now Open - Learn how the Building Inspections Department is dealing with the pandemic surrounding COVID-19. The webinar will cover how to submit plans and if inspections are conducted, how they are conducting such inspections.

Outlook Conference 2020

April 26 – April 28

Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Outlook Conference has been canceled. While we are disappointed with having to cancel, we must keep everyone's health and businesses as our number one priority.

GMA 2020 Spring Lobby Day

May 12 – May 13

The Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) continues to make significant strides toward increasing the industry's exposure in Washington, D.C.  Many members of Congress are now advocating for our industry, in large part, due to GMA's lobbying efforts along with the support and involvement of GMA members. It is critical that GMA members continue to educate members of Congress about national issues affecting companies within their districts and states. GMA appreciates the hard work of our members and will continue to be a strong industry advocate.

Geosynthetics Used in Unpaved and Paved Roads

May 18


The topic of this webinar lies at the heart of pavement performance judged on the basis of benefit/cost as well as serviceability, both of which will also be illustrated in the four parts of the webinar.

Waste Containment System Design Seminar

September 15 – September 16

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Syracuse, New York

This technical training opportunity is the fourth in a series of landfill design seminars that has been developed to provide attendees with a deeper working knowledge of surface and subsurface flows of stormwater impinging on landfill closures. This discussion will go beyond slope stabilization using the infinite slope formula. Various design approaches and details will be discussed to show how they either hinder or promote the long-term stability of the soil cover.