Makers Division Webinar: Prototypes and Timing – Setting a Realistic Timeline with Clients

February 15

Discover the eight phases of setting a realistic timeline for prototype development including design inputs, engineering, proposals, validation and more. Prevent surprises in the manufacturing process with key information to assess and determine before you establish a timeline for clients or for yourself.

GMA Webinar: Stability of Geosynthetic Lined Slopes, Part 1

February 27

In this two-part webinar series, we will discuss common slope stability problems with geosynthetic lined slopes and how to specify and measure geosynthetic interface strengths to prevent these problems from developing.

Makers Division Webinar: Prototypes – Cost Considerations For Prototypes and Production

March 8

Develop a cost-effective plan for prototype development with this webinar learn about often overlooked costs in technical, administrative and meetings, shipping and more, that can eat away at your bottom line.

FGA Webinar: Backlit SEGs

March 13

Learn about fabric types used with backlit silicone edge graphics (SEG), fabric characteristics and how they interact with graphic applications. Discover backlit SEG applications, the best practices for success, how to apply silicone edge to graphics and tips for shipping and installation.

IFAI Webinar: Smart Fabrics Market:Current Developments Repeat

March 15

This IFAI webinar provides a comprehensive overview of recent smart fabric applications used in a number of government, commercial, medical and consumer market segments. The discussion will cover developments in the military, law enforcement, safety and protective markets, the wearable electronics consumer retail market, the biophysical monitoring market and more.

Makers Division Webinar: Prototypes – Safety Considerations and Regulations

April 12

American National Manufacturing, Inc. Not knowing about safety risks and regulations is no excuse when it comes to the law. This webinar discusses product use and how it effects safety. Learn about warranties, warnings and cautions that create safe behavior and protect your company. Learn the basics of liability insurance and governing bodies that oversee product safety to prevent injury and liabilities.

Smart Fabrics Summit 2018

April 24, 2018

Ronald Regan Building and International Trade Center

April 24, 2018 The Smart Fabrics Summit 2018, co-hosted by the Department of Commerce and the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), provides a forum for public and private sector leaders in technology, apparel, and textiles to highlight recent developments in the smart fabrics industry, identify opportunities for collaboration, and discuss key industry challenges.​

Outlook Conference 2018

May 6 - 9, 2018

Attend the premier leadership forum for the specialty fabrics industry

Makers Division Webinar: Prototypes – Contracts and Legal Issues

May 10

Protect your business, products and intellectual property with legal contracts. This webinar discusses the regulatory agencies and the roles they play in prototype development as well as the benefits and basics of non-disclosure agreements, trademarks, patents and liability contracts.

2018 GMA Spring Lobby Day

May 16 – May 17

The Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) continues to make significant strides toward increasing the industry's exposure in Washington, D.C. Many members of Congress are now advocating for our industry, in large part, due to GMA's lobbying efforts along with the support and involvement of GMA members.