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Webinar: Flexible Pavement Design with Geogrids – Design Theory, Technical Basis, and State of the Practice – Part 2

June 9

10 - 11am CT

This two-part webinar will discuss the use of geogrids in flexible pavements, with a focus on the requirements for proper design and successful applications.

As pavement design methods have advanced over the past 75 years, the materials and construction techniques used have also advanced. While geosynthetics were first used to improve road performance as far back as the 1930s, the incorporation of these materials into standard flexible pavement design, specifically AASHTO methods, is a much more recent phenomenon. In particular, over the past 25 years, extensive testing on geogrids has provided the data and understanding necessary to precisely quantify their contribution to pavement performance and perform enhanced designs.

These sessions will provide a detailed overview of the design of flexible pavements using geogrids, including the underlying pavement design methods, the requirements for quantifying benefit and validating performance, and the proper means of incorporating the contribution of geogrids within accepted design methodology.

NC State University Webinar Series: Key Principles for Effective Protection with Masks and Respirators

June 9

12 - 1pm CT Learn about the basic protection factors to donning and wearing a mask and how it can help protect the wearer. Also, learn how fit can impact protection and the key areas for mask protection that make it effective PPE for different users. Newly developed testing methodologies will also be covered in this area to better understand the material and developmental requirements for different mask types.

Military Division Webinar: Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

June 16

2 - 3pm CT

Members: Free, Non-Members: $39

This presentation provides an overview of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) for Department of Defense (DoD) data and stresses the importance of increasing our awareness of security risks and our efforts to implement necessary security controls. The CMMC has five levels of certification, and all Defense Industry Businesses who do business with the DoD will be required to be certified in at least one of the five levels based on their assessed level of cybersecurity controls and practices. Without certification, DoD contractors will not be qualified to bid on contracts or retain existing contracts. Therefore, it is important that everyone build a culture of security awareness and protect federal contract information and certified unclassified information.

NC State University Webinar Series: Surgical Gowns, Level 2-4: Materials, Design, Assembly, Testing, Evaluation, Standards

June 16

12 - 1pm CT

Learn the different classifications and protection levels for surgical and non-surgical gowns and how to navigate both the AAMI and FDA requirements for gowns. You will also learn about typical materials used in the various types of gowns and how to design and package them to accommodate proper donning and doffing procedures in healthcare settings.

Webinar: How acquiring funds for your business has changed since COVID-19

June 18

11 - 12pm CT

Members: Free Non-Members: $39

As the business climate has changed with COVID-19, companies will need to understand how to get back to their operations in a new financial environment. Having capital to grow their business and acquire equipment will be a crucial component to success.

This workshop will offer advice geared to all types of capital and provide the tools necessary for seeking capital, as well as identify the types of funds and resources available from financiers today. We will look at the broad challenges in raising capital at all stages. The attendees will walk away with a game plan for raising money for their business.

NC State University Webinar Series: PPE Surface Chemistry and Surface Interactions

June 23

12 - 1pm CT

Learn the principles behind how particles, including pathogens, interact with surfaces, and how surface designs and coatings can alter those interactions. You will also learn about antimicrobial materials and their mechanisms of action.

NC State University Webinar Series: Ask a Virologist – Coronavirus: What We Know, What We Don’t

June 30

12 - 1pm CT


Learn about viruses, how they spread, infect hosts and replicate. Learn specifics about SARS-CoV-2 and how its specific properties dictate control mechanisms, including PPE for healthcare and non-healthcare settings.

Textile Industry Retirement Plan Seminar

July 14

Hosted by Transamerica, this session will highlight the benefits and potential expense savings of joining the Textile Industry Retirement Plan. This Plan is offered to IFAI members only.

Waste Containment System Design Seminar

September 15 – September 16

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Syracuse, New York

8 AM - 3 PM ET

This technical training opportunity is the fourth in a series of landfill design seminars that has been developed to provide attendees with a deeper working knowledge of surface and subsurface flows of stormwater impinging on landfill closures. This discussion will go beyond slope stabilization using the infinite slope formula.

IFAI Expo 2020

November 3 – November 6

Indiana Convention Center

For close to a century, the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) Expo has been regarded as the industrial fabric industry’s flagship show for commerce, networking and knowledge. As the premier industrial, specialty and advanced textiles event, IFAI Expo attracts approximately 5,000 industry stakeholders from around the world for four days of buying and selling, networking, learning and fun — all designed to help participants grow their bottom line.