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Innovative yarn for sport and leisure wear

March 9th, 2012 / By: / New Products

Working in partnership with Zwickauer Kammgarn GmbH and Helmut Peterseim Strickwaren GmbH in Mühlhausen, researchers at the Hohenstein Institute in Bönnigheim have developed an innovative new yarn for knitted textiles. The hybrid yarn HP2G and combines the benefits of synthetic fibres with those of wool fibres. This combination guarantees thermal insulation and efficient wicking and drying.

Project leader Martin Harnisch from the Hohenstein Institute sees excellent potential for the newly developed yarn, especially for sportswear. “Being properly protected from the cold is really important, especially during rest periods after strenuous physical activity, when it has been found that the body loses a great deal of heat. Endurance athletes such as runners and cyclists will particularly benefit from this innovation because they will find that it helps prevent the unpleasant sensation of cooling down and shivering after exercise, which can be damaging to the health.”

The new yarn also has potential for clothing made for less strenuous sports such as golf or hiking.

The industrial companies involved in the project have created a textile family based on the functional yarn, ranging from jackets and pullovers to accessories such as caps, hats, wristwarmers and gauntlets as well as uniforms and other high-performance professional clothing.

The properties of this yarn have potential to be used in furnishing covers and vehicle textiles.

Source: Hohenstein Institute

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