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Hybrid cradle chair—an upholstered hammock?

July 1st, 2013 / By: / New Products, Upholstery

Reclining in a hammock is the ultimate in summer comfort, while sitting in an upholstered chair is a routine feature of home or work life. Benjamin Hubert, a London-based industrial designer, partnered with Italian furniture company Moroso SpA to create the cradle chair, which combines features of hammocks and upholstered chairs to create a new seating experience. The foundation of the cradle chair is an upholstered cube, while the chair back is formed like a hammock from a non-elastic textile that supports the body in comfort.

The chair comprises a metal frame supporting textile mesh with a geometric cut pattern developed by Danish company Kvadrat. The frame cradles an upholstered seat block of molded polyurethane covered by Kvadrat upholstery. The cradle chair’s clean, modern design reflects Hubert’s philosophy, which relies on “usability analysis, interaction, materiality, sustainability and a process of visual reduction” to create timeless objects.

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