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Useful social media for companies of all sizes

October 15th, 2018 / By: / Category: Expo News

Should you bother with social media? Most definitely yes, says Luke Gusman, marketing manager for Sta-Lok Inc., a longtime manufacturer of marine and architectural rigging hardware. Gusman says that no matter how large or small your company, there are five social media platforms that can increase engagement with your product or service and raise your bottom line.

“By all means tailor your social media use to fit your company,” says Gusman, “but Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are really worth your time and energy.” In his IFAI Expo session on understanding social media, Gusman outlined a strategy for each specific social media platform. He says a company needs to understand its goal and target audience, develop a unique social tone and take tangible action no matter which social media platforms they choose. “The key is creating interesting, thoughtful and engaging content.”

Gusman says that short videos, in particular, are really valuable right now on all of the social media platforms. He says companies need both style and substance and encourages companies to develop a visual brand identity that creates recognizable products or services. “Present your company, product and brand in the best light. Using your phone to take pictures is fine. Just be careful to use good lighting and the highest resolution possible. Don’t be lazy,” he cautions. “Use the basic rules of photography and create evocative, dynamic images that attract your customers.”

He acknowledges that posting on social media takes time, but he says these efforts can be far more valuable than traditional advertising. “Instagram, for example, reaches one billion users. Its reach is massive.” No matter which social media you choose to engage with, whether it’s a Facebook business profile or a LinkedIn page for each member of your sales team, Guzman says high quality content is key. “The quality of your content is the message you send about the quality of your business.”