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Tent fabrics and antimicrobial technology

November 5th, 2020 / By: / Expo News

During IFAI Virtual Expo 2020, Chad Twombly, vice president of direct sales at Herculite, presented the sponsored education session “Utilizing Antimicrobials in Tents—Transition Healthcare Technology to the Rental Tent Market.”  

According to Twombly, there are two ways to deploy antimicrobial additives into tent fabrics: embedding and/or applying. Embedding active agents into fabrics can result in long-lasting performance that holds up to outdoor elements such as UV exposure. Applying antimicrobial additives to the surface of fabrics is commonly used by coated fabrics.

When it comes to antimicrobials and health claims, Twombly says it’s important to understand where your fabric stands in regard to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance. While new innovations are important, they can also pose legal risks.

To position your product in the market, Twombly recommends steering clear of medical claims such as “this kills COVID-19” or “this tent fabric will prevent people from getting sick.” Focus on the material and be sure to align the claims for your tent with the fabric supplier or tent manufacturer’s claims.

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