*NOTE: Some judges may have more than one page of projects to score. If that is the case, you will see a Next button at the bottom of the list of scoresheets. Please be sure to click that button and judge all projects assigned to you.

Please study each entry with its corresponding written description and photo(s) and evaluate it on its own merit; refrain from comparing projects to one another. Then rate the project using the criteria at the bottom of each scoresheet. Select the rating you feel is the most appropriate based on the photos and project description included (10 is the highest, 1 is the lowest). Please be sure to click Complete after you’ve evaluated each entry.

Judging Criteria – Things to think about:

COMPLEXITY – How intricate or complicated is the project? How does the complexity of the project impact the finished project?

DESIGN – How aesthetically pleasing is the project? Does the design suit its components – fabric, frame, etc.? Is the design appropriate given its surroundings? 

WORKMANSHIP – Is the project free of obvious flaws in workmanship? What is the overall quality of the work?

UNIQUENSS – How unique is the project? Does the uniqueness of the project impact the overall quality?  

FUNCTION – How well does the project serve the function for which it was designed?