Meet the members of IFAI and hear about the benefits of membership in their own words. Members come from all over the world and from every market segment, and each brings a unique view on the industry.


Embracing the unexpected: Matt Carroll, Hoover Architectural Products

November 2021

Hoover Architectural Products blends fabric, metal

"Opportunities come and go all the time. I’m always asking, ‘Are we positioned to take advantage of good opportunities when they come along?"

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Strength in simplicity: Wayne Heflin and Glenn Russell, Cross Canvas Co.

October 2021

Straightforward product designs and a clear company vision drive success and stability for Cross Canvas Co.

"U.S.-made products don’t work for every budget, but customers turn to us because they know they’ll receive the highest quality and our undivided attention."

- Wayne Heflin and Glenn Russell, Co-Founders of Cross Canvas Co. from Asheville, N.C.
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The next step: Jeff Newkirk, Precision Custom Canvas

August 2021

Pushed by the pandemic, Jeff Newkirk envisions a growth plan for Precision Custom Canvas.

"We’ve set ourselves apart as not being everybody’s canvas and upholstery shop, but of serving the middle and upper-end boat markets, with an average boat size of 35 feet or larger. "

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Generations of innovation: Donato Fraioli, Air Structures American Technologies Inc. (ASATI)

June 2021

For more than half a century, ASATI’s Fraioli family has advanced air-supported structure technology.

"There’s no school or textbook where you can learn this stuff. We believe that out of every challenge comes a solution."

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Smart moves: Karl Deardorff, SLO Sail and Canvas

May 2021

Karl Deardorff has combined a love of sailing with strategic decision-making to build SLO Sail and Canvas.

"The way to get control of the outcome is to get control of the process, and the way to do that is to become an expert in that process, which in our business is sewing."

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Ready for anything: Scott Sutherland, Olympic Tent/Tacoma Tent & Awning

April 2021

From tents to rocket covers, Scott Sutherland relishes taking on risks and reaping the rewards.

"I am very proud of creating a sustainable, enjoyable work environment for the next generation by adapting philosophies and processes that lead employees to frequently say, “This is the best place I have ever worked."

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Tailored solutions: Monica Stockburger, Salty Cushions

February 2021

Monica Stockburger combines marine fabrication performance with artistry for the vessels of Alaska’s Kachemak Bay.

"We’re not going to make something that will just get you through one season. We’re going to provide solutions that help you and others enjoy your boat more and motivate you to spend more time there."

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Daring to Succeed: Matthew Dickerson, Tenshon

January 2021

Matthew Dickerson took a chance on shade sails and succeeded—by welcoming failure and hard work while chasing goals.

"I’ve learned to accept that you are going to fail—sometimes marvelously—but you have to keep pushing forward."

- Matthew Dickerson, President/CEO of Tenshon from Mesa, AZ
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Small & Strong: Carolyn Hajek, Pride City Awning & Canvas

November 2020

Pride City Awning & Canvas founder Carolyn Hajek has built her business on trust and loyalty.

"I took on just about any business that came through the door—anything I could make with a sewing machine."

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Innovating for the end user: John Delaloye, Diamond Brand Gear

October 2020

John Delaloye combines Diamond Brand Gear’s history and reputation with a strategy that focuses on doing what lower-priced competitors can’t.

"To some extent, we don’t view ourselves as a traditional outdoors company. Our end users are out for longer stays, they want more durable products, and they’re thinking about different things relative to performance. But our philosophy is that we want everyone to have access to camping, so we want products that aren’t intimidating to anyone. "

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Science and art: Barry Adams, Peachtree Awnings

August 2020

Barry Adams finds his passion in the science and art of leading two growing awning companies.

"We try to be solution sellers. When we go into a sales situation, we look at the problem the customer is trying to solve. If you solve their problem, then you will most definitely have a satisfied customer. "

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Strategy for Growth: Jan Kellogg, CCP Manufacturing

July 2020

Jan Kellogg looks at the big picture for each job that CCP Manufacturing takes on, leading the company into new markets.

"My way of growing the company was that when someone came to us asking for a product, I would evaluate that product, as in, “Does this have scalability? Is this used in a wide range of the marketplace? Is it something we should try to expand upon beyond this one customer?”"

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On location: Kevin Greenwood, Stage Tops USA

June 2020

Stage Tops USA owner/CEO Kevin Greenwood takes his show on the road, manufacturing and installing massive fabric projects for the world’s biggest live events.

"Modern technology is great, but it’s also a hindrance. Too many people rely on a computer. I still draw with my scale ruler. "

- Kevin Greenwood, Owner/CEO of Stage Tops USA from Manchester, Tenn.
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The happiness equation: Patrick Howe, Wholesale Shade

April 2020

For Patrick Howe and Wholesale Shade, high-quality custom shade sails are the product of a happy and efficient workplace.

"The highest level of employee happiness comes from knowing that the job you do is important, that your opinion counts and you are included in the decision-making of the company. "

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Restoration specialist: Bob Grambsch, Canvas Replacements/ Camper & Recreation Inc.

March 2020

Bob Grambsch leads Canvas Replacements in rejuvenating The Trailer camping market with new, high-quality tent tops.

"Back in ’91 or ’92 I would wonder how long this would last—when would we run out of campers to cut and recanvas? It hasn’t happened yet. "

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Open to change: David Callahan, Granite State Cover & Canvas Inc.

February 2020

After jumping from the food industry to truck tarps, David Callahan targets customers who value quality and innovation over price.

"There are friendly competitors and there are not-so-friendly competitors. I talk openly and honestly with a lot of my competitors about the issues we are having."

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Investing in Excellence: Kathryn Maisto, Fairwinds Canvas LLC

January 2020

Kathryn Maisto mastered her marine canvas skills over a lifetime and across oceans, and now she’s training a new generation.

"I want an employee to be able to go out on a boat and pattern, I want them to be able to fabricate, and I want them to be able to install. That is what makes my business run so smoothly."

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A culture that clicks: Kent Lammers, Polo Custom Products

December 2019

Polo Custom Products excels at partnerships, offering clients a full range of supply chain services.

"Manufacturing 4.0 and IoT are not fads, and they are going forward and here to stay. "

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Always innovating: Kathy Schaefer, Glawe Awnings and Tents

November 2019

New IFAI board chair Kathy Schaefer shares her vision for an organization that helps its members navigate a changing industry landscape.

"When you see something that replaces what you are having a heck of a time doing, you’ve got to snap it up. It’s all about production levels and efficiency."

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The Long View: Tom Auer, Bearse USA

October 2019

Tom Auer strives to put bearse usa—and the U.S. sewing industry—on a firm foundation.

"One thing I try my best to do is to make sure my employees have all the right resources to do their jobs well. I don’t want them to feel like they can’t do their jobs because they are waiting for a decision from me or haven’t been provided the right tools."

- Tom Auer, President of Bearse USA from Chicago, IL
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