Meet the members of IFAI and hear about the benefits of membership in their own words. Members come from all over the world and from every market segment, and each brings a unique view on the industry.


Beyond the competition: Patty and Charly Smail, Shelter Structures Inc.

July 2015

Patty and Charly Smail build their business by learning from each new customer—and finding gaps in what the competition offers.

"We feel very strongly that good customer service extends from when you first confer with a customer to design a custom product for them to after the sale is complete—almost as if we still own it. –Patty Smail We try to focus on what the client really needs, which isn’t always what they come in asking for. By working with the client on designing with an eye toward structure function, we often find that there are opportunities to generate savings. –Charly Smail "

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Form & function: Maureen MacGillivray, Central Michigan University

June 2015

Dr. Maureen MacGillivray uses her functional apparel expertise to design and test textiles and teach those skills to the next generation.

"Functional design is multidisciplinary, with the user at the very center of that design process."

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From surviving to thriving: Dan Hooks, Party Reflections Inc.

May 2015

Dan Hooks propels his organization to new heights by maximizing regional opportunities and building a management team.

"We know that we can only provide the best possible equipment and service if we make the profit necessary to maintain that equipment and pay for the services provided."

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Productivity paired: Stewart and Ross Brown, Brown Sales Corp.

April 2015

Father and son team Stewart and Ross Brown embrace the challenge of change by making the most of their strengths.

"There’s no harm in trying new things, and you can always go back to Plan A if Plan B isn’t working. —Stewart Brown The interesting thing about systems is that once you start organizing one piece of information, it soon has a domino effect. Soon you’re able to organize other areas because you’ve tackled that first one. —Ross Brown "

- Stewart Brown and Ross Brown, President and Vice President of Brown Sales Corp. from Madison, Wisc.
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Good, Better, Best: Charles Webster, DOWCO Inc.

March 2015

Charles Webster uses lean techniques to continuously improve production and efficiency.

"It’s really important to establish an integration plan when you’re opening a new facility. With a new place full of new people things can easily get off course if there’s confusion about communication."

- Charles Webster, President and CEO of DOWCO Inc. from Manitowoc, Wisc.
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