Ask the Code Consultant – Q&A with Paul Armstrong, PE, CBO

Join an open forum through GoToWebinar with code consultant Paul Armstrong. In this discussion, we will address code-related issues in the awning, fabric structure and tent industry. Together, let’s resolve your questions about existing code issues and one’s you’re dealing with as result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaker: Paul Armstrong, P.E., CBO, TRB & Associates, Inc.

COVID-19 Some Help (and Hope) for Tent Lessors

IFAI works year-round to advocate for industry through partnerships with lobbying and government relations experts. Join in this webinar to better understand the fundamentals of lobbying, what advocacy can do for your company – along with a review of both USIFI/NFI and GMA’s government relations programs and initiatives.

Speaker: James R. Waite, Esq., Attourney-at-Law

How to Benefit from ASTM and IFAI’s Partnership. Updating CPAI-84 (2020) on Camping Tents: A Case Study

Learn about how:

  • IFAI has partnered with standards development organization ASTM International and industry members to update CPAI-84 for the first time since 1995
  • The ASTM partnership can be leveraged for additional improvements to CPAI standards affecting other product areas
  • The “inside baseball” of the changes to the test method and scope of the CPAI-84 standard for camping tents
  • How the updated CPAI-84 (2020) impacts regulatory compliance for recreational outdoor camping tents and children’s play tents
  • The continued reliance on CPAI-84 in various state and local codes.

Speakers: Joe Koury, ASTM International and Neal Cohen, Product Safety Attorney and Consultant

Leader in the Industry: TRD and the Ballasting Tool

Sit down with tent industry professionals as they discuss how the Ballasting Tool was developed and why the Tent Rental Division (TRD) led the charge on initiating it into the marketplace.

Panelists: Michael Tharpe, Rainier Industries; Alex Renaud, Fiesta Tents; Joey Ruffin, Anchor Industries; Ken Keberle, Certified Safety Professional and Director of Education for the Event Safety Alliance

The New Face of PPE

A brief prelude to the changes in the way you install tents today. Learn what others are doing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to protect their employees and their investments in installation and take down process.