How do I create an account?

To set up an account click “Log In” at the top right side of the screen. Enter in your email address and select “Create a new account”, type in your first and last name, and a password and hit Continue. You may also view our tutorial here.


Are there password requirements and/or restrictions when creating a new password?

Yes. Passwords must be 6-14 characters with at least one number.


I think I’m already in the system. How will I know?

If you think you already have an account, you can check by attempting to have your password resent on the Login page by selecting I Forgot my Password. If you do this and the system doesn’t recognize your email, it is likely that you don’t have an account linked with that email.


I’m creating a new account. How can I connect myself to my company?

Go to the My Company and under Select Company begin entering your company name. Upon doing so, you should see a drop-down list that includes your company. Select the company name and enter your position/title. Hit save – once you do this, a request to be tied to your company will be sent to your account contacts.


I think my company is already in the system. How will I know?

If you don’t see your company name populate in the drop-down list upon entering it, but you are certain you are in our system – please try alternative company names and abbreviations to see what populates. Keep in mind, it may take some time for the company name to populate in the drop-down. If you’re certain you should be in the system, but nothing populates please email


I’m attempting to connect myself to my company. There are multiple versions of my company listed as options. Which should I choose?

Companies may have multiple accounts in our system for the following reasons: different office locations, DBAs (doing business as) companies, individual branches or divisions of a company with different member benefits and sometimes this is just an error we need to fix. If you are aware of your company administrator and can get in touch with them, inquire which company out of those listed you should be associated with. If this isn’t an option for you and you aren’t sure which company to select, please contact membership at 800 319 7813.


I don’t believe my company is in the system, how do I add a company to my account?

Follow the steps to create an account and then proceed by entering your New Company Information.


How do I approve my staffs’ requests to be tied to our company?

You can approve staff requests by visiting the My Company section of your account.


I created an account and requested my record to be tied to my company’s account but I cannot get a hold of my account administrator. I need to proceed with a transaction. What are my options?

Our policy requires that your company administrator keeps your account updated so that these types of scenarios don’t occur. For additional assistance please contact our support line at 651-225-6947 and 800-208-2615.


I just joined and created an account for my company but we aren’t showing up in the membership directory. Why is this?

This can take some time as we are transitioning to new software. We are doing our best to update our records as quickly as possible. If you don’t see it by the end of June, please let us know.


I forgot my password. How can I login to my account?

Visit the Login page, enter in the email address that is associated with your account. Click on I Forgot my Password and look for an email at this address titled Password Reset. Once you receive this email, you can click I Have my Password and enter the password you received via email. You are now in your account. It is important to change your password after you have logged in. For password security, go to Contact Info and select Change My Password down at the bottom. Type in the password that was sent to you to login, then enter in your personalized password and save the changes.




Who from my company can edit our company’s account?

At this time, only the primary contact can edit a company account.  Multiple administrator capability is in development for the future.


If I change my email address on my account does my login information change?





What invoices can I pay on my account?

Any payment made to IFAI can be paid via your account except for exhibit and sponsorship fees.


How do I pay an invoice?

Log into your account via the online portal, select the Purchases tab on your account page and then Invoices. Once in Purchases, if you have an open invoice it will show under Invoices. Hover over the amount due line on the right side of the invoice and click through to the payment page. At the bottom of the invoice summary you will see a Pay button, click this to make payment.


Where can I go to see invoices I’ve already paid?

Log into your account and go to Purchases. Navigate down to invoices and click on the drop-down arrow. This shows you open and closed invoices. On the right side of the invoice information it will show you if the invoice has been paid or the amount that is owed.


Who can see invoices online?

Only the person who the invoice is assigned to can see the invoice online. If an invoice isn’t assigned to an individual it defaults to the primary contact listed on the account.


Who can pay invoices online?

If you can see it, you can pay it. Only the bill-to-contact can pay the invoice. If the invoice isn’t assigned to anyone, the main/primary contact must pay it online.


Will I receive a receipt after I have paid my invoices online?

No you will not receive a receipt but you will get an email sent from to the email on the account that the payment was made from confirming that it was received. Even if there are multiple admins on the account, the only person who receives notification of payment made will be the individual who pays.  If you need a different receipt, please call the accounting department at 651-225-6913.


Can I store credit card information on my account?

Be prepared with your credit card information anytime you’re making a payment – this isn’t something that can be stored online.


How do I become a member online if I don’t have an account?

Create an account and hit the Join Now button. If you have additional questions please contact our membership department at +1 651 225 6950.


I have an account but I want to become a member. How can I do this?

Log-in to to your account and hit the Join Now button. If you have additional questions please contact our membership department at +1 651 225 6950.


The division I selected says “Additional” – why is this?

If you selected more divisions than your membership class includes, you will be prompted to pay $200 for the additional division. (Special requirements for GMA)​


How do I set up membership payments?


If you’re already a member but would like to setup online installments, please call the accounting department at 651-225-6513.


If you’re becoming a member today, during the checkout process select pay in full or split your payments.


How do I renew my membership?

Go to Purchases then Invoices. There will be an invoice on your account sixty days in advance; otherwise you may pay at any time by calling the accounting department at 651-225-6513.


I signed up for membership online. Will my membership be automatically renewed?

Membership will only be automatically renewed if the option was selected upon checkout. If the option was not selected, then an invoice will be sent out to renew membership 60 days in advance.


How can I update my credit card for annual payments?

Please call the accounting department at 651-225-6513.




I’m checking-out with the items in my cart. My billing address is different than my account address. Should I edit my account address or can I add an alternative address?


we recommend adding an alternative address if you have a different billing address so your account information stays accurate. The address currently populated under your billing address is pulled from your account which should be the office location you’re based at. If you make an edit to that address at checkout, it will update on your account as well.


Do I need an account to make a purchase?


Yes. While you don’t have to be a member of IFAI, you do have to have an account to make a purchase or register for an event.


Will I receive an email confirming my purchase online?

Yes. The email gives a summary of what was purchased and if the invoice is closed. If for some reason you do not receive this email please contact the accounting department at 651-225-6913.




How can I purchase an IFAI subscription?

Visit the Resources tab and then click E-Store. There are three subscription options for each magazine.


I have a subscription discount code. Where do I enter this?

At check-out.


I have a subscription and it is coming up for renewal. Will my subscription renewal show up in my account under invoices? Can I pay my subscription online?

Yes. Visit the Purchases tab to find and pay the invoice.